GCSE Physics Unit 3 Revision (2)

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Balanced Moments and Stability

  • Balance is about whether the moments are equal
  • If the anticlockwise moments are equal to the clockwise moments, then the object won't turn.
  • Example 1: 
  • A boy who weighs 300N sits 2m from the pivot of a seesaw.
  • If another boy who weighs 700N, where should he sit to balance the seesaw?
  • For the seesaw to balance, the anticlockwise moments must be equal to the clockwise moments
  • anticlockwise moment = clockwise moment
  • 300 x 2 = 700 x y
  • y = 0.86m
  • Example 2:
  • A 6m long steel girder weighing 1000N rests horizontally on a pole 1m from one end.
  • What is the tension in a supporting cable attached…




I don't understand question 2:( But it was really useful! Thanks:D

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