GCSE Physics Unit 2 Revision (3)

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Static Electricity

  • When 2 insulating materials rub together, electrons are scraped off one and dumped on the other.
  • This leaves a positive static charge on one and a negative static charge on the other.
  • The direction the electrons are transferred depends on the 2 materials involved.
  • Electrically charged objects attract small objects placed near them.
  • Only electrons move - NEVER the positive charges.
  • A positive static charge is only caused by electrons moving away somewhere else.
  • A charged conductor can be discharged safely by connecting it to Earth with a metal strap. The electrons flow down the strap if the charge is negative and flow up the strap from the ground if the charge is positive.
  • The rate of flow of electrical charge is called electric current.
  • 2 things with opposite electric charges are attracted to each other.
  • 2 things with the same electric charge will repel each other.
  • The further apart the 2 things are, the weaker the forces.
  • The greater the charge on an object, the the greater the voltage between it and Earth. If the voltage…


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