GCSE physics FURTHER 3B "forces"

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Turning forces and centre of mass
A moment is the turning effect of a force

moment (Nm) = force (N) x perpendicular Distance(from the line of action to the pivot) (m)

this means that force is multiplied by the distance between where you apply the force and the pivot point (think of the spanner demo)- the force you apply to the spanner causes a turning effect on the nut- the nut is the pivot. a longer spanner means a longer distance from the force applied to the pivot; so the force you apply is multiplied by a longer distance and therefore exerts a bigger moment.

centre of mass hangs directly below the point of suspension. to find the C O M of a flat shape use the plumb line experiment.

balanced moments and levers
total anticlockwise moments= total clockwise moments…


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Some simple notes that are good for triple Science AQA.

You can print them out and then highlight them.

You can then test yourself.

There are some more revision notes on this topic which you can use to help you if you need more support.


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