GCSE Physical Education :Muscles

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There are three types of muscles in the human body and over four hundred muscles all together. Each muscle type has its own characteristics that are unique to that muscle. The three types of muscles are:

1.      Voluntary muscles- are the most common muscles. We have conscious control over these muscular contractions. They also provide movement as they are attached to the skeleton by tendons.

2.      Involuntary muscles- are not under conscious control. These include the ones that make our eyes blink and the muscles in blood vessels and in the respiratory and digestive system. These are also known as smooth muscles.

3.      The cardiac muscle is unique to the heart and it never tires until death. The heart is also a involuntary muscle.

Agonistic muscles work in pairs to create one movement. The agonist muscle is the muscle pulling and the antagonist muscle is the


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