GCSE PE Revision (8)

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CV Endurance

  • The CV system involves transporting oxygen round the body, and it includes the heart, the blood vessels, and the blood itself.
  • The benefits of a healthy, balanced lifestyle for the CV system include:
  • healthy capillaries, and through exercise, an increase in capillary density and efficiency.
  • a healthy heart that is less likely to suffer from heart disease, and eventually a lower resting heart rate.
  • good blood circulation; with exercise this can increase the amount of blood pumped during exercise and at rest.
  • healthy blood pressure.
  • feeling energetic because of the uptake of oxygen by the body
  • feeling less tired both physically and mentally
  • Muscular endurance
  • This is the ability of a muscle or group of muscles to repeatedly contract or keep going without rest.
  • With a healthy balanced lifestyle, muscles can keep going longer because of greater aerobic potential.
  • Activities like running can enlarge slow twitch fibres enhancing potential for energy production.
  • Onset of fatigue is delayed because of higher maximum oxygen uptake.
  • Muscles are also healthier, and the size and number of mitochondria are increased through exercise.
  • There is also an increase in the myoglobin content within each muscle cell.
  • There is also cardiac hypertrophy and an increase in the size of the fast twitch muscles.
  • Speed
  • The ability of the body to move quickly.It is important to be able to move quickly as part of a healthy active lifestyle.
  • With a healthy balanced lifestyle, your speed is affected because:
  • your heart and lungs are…


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