GCSE PE Revision (7)

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Goal Setting

  • By setting goals, you can
  • take up an activity or activities
  • achieve more
  • improve your performance
  • improve your training
  • increase your motivation
  • increase your pride and satisfaction.
  • Goal setting is a very powerful technique that can lead to rewards and an increase in your motivation levels.
  • By knowing what you want to achieve, you know what you need to concentrate on and improve and what distractions to ignore.
  • Achieving Goals
  • When you achieve a goal, you should enjoy the success and set greater goals for yourself.
  • If you have failed to reach a goal, make sure you learn why.
  • Reasons for failing to reach a goal:
  • you didn't try hard enough
  • poor technique
  • unrealistic goals at this time.
  • Use the info to adjust your goals, and help learn new skills or improve your fitness.
  • Failing to meet a goal is a step towards success.
  • When you have achieved a goal:
  • If it was easily achieved, make your goals harder next time.
  • If it took a long time to achieve, make your goals a little easier next time.
  • If you learned something that should make you change future goals, then change them.
  • Effective Goal Setting
  • for effective goal setting, there should be short-term, leading to medium-term, and…


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