GCSE OCR Biology B7 sickle cell anaemia

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Sickle cell anaemia and marleria

sickles cell anemia is where red blood cells become deformed because of the haemoglobin becoming stickier and causing the cells to collapse in on themselves and become sickle shaped so they can no longer take in oxygen and this makes the person tired and often out of breath ( shortness of breath) and have aching muscles and pains when the cells stick together in the blood stream .sport is a hardship for them

Now lets take a bad thing and see the silver lining 

this is an allele that is present in central Africa( and in other places too ) and is very useful there because it is a malaria zone , the parasite relies on being injected by the female mosquito in…


raveena Soul


This is very good, but the main reason for why the parasite can't harm people with sickle cell anaemia is because they can't enter the rigid shape of the blood cell, which make it harder to reproduce.

Chloe Thorn


i should have made that clearer i my notes and the lack of transport means that they can't get to the livver to reproduce  ! thanks for commenting :)

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