GCSE Music (Edexcel) 'Symphony No.40 in G minor' - Mozart

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Symphony No.40 in G Minor


Symphony No.40 in G minor



Other Composers

·         Beethoven

·         Hayden

Period and typical features

Classical: 1750 - 1825

-         Clear, balanced phrases

-         More contrasts than baroque period

-         More range in dynamics

-         Orchestras have wind instruments as well

Date written


Style/ tradition

1st movement of Symphony (fast), in sonata form (Mozart wrote 41 symphonies, only 2 of them minor)

Rhythm, metre and tempo

·         4/4 throughout

·         Molto Allegro – very fast

·         Short rhythmic ideas are repeated to create unity: the first subject starts with an anacrusis of two quavers, which is followed by a crochet. This rhythm is repeated throughout the first subject.

·         Some dotted rhythms and syncopation to help create momentum and add interest


·         Made up of balanced 4 or 8 bar phrases that sound like questions and answers: 2nd subject starts with a 4 bar phrase that ends on an imperfect cadence (question). This is followed by a 4 bar phrase that ends on a perfect cadence (answer)

·         Many phrases are scalic



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