GCSE Music (Edexcel) And the Glory of the Lord - Handel

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And The Glory Of The Lord



And the Glory of the Lord



Other Composers

·         Bach

·         Vivaldi

·         Purcell

Period and typical features

Baroque: 1600 – 1750

-         Diatonic harmonies

-         Same mood throughout piece

-         Terraced dynamics

-         Ornamentation

-         String instruments

-         Use of a continuo

Date written


Style/ tradition

Chorus from a oratorio (can also include recitative and aria) from 'The Messiah'

Performance Forces

·         For an SATB choir

·         Accompanied by strings and continuo (for cello harpsichord or organ).

·         Orchestra often doubles the voices

Rhythm, metre and tempo

·         Allegro – fast, until end where there is a bar of silence (a general pause - dramatic) and then the last three bars adagio

·         3/4 (lively feel) – dance-like

·         Lots


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