GCSE Music Analysis- Frédéric Chopin Raindrop Prelude

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general points

raindrop prelude is one in a collection of 24 preludes, on of each in the 12 majoe and 12 minor keys.

composed in 1839.

light repeared quavers heard throughout sound like raindrops, hence 'raindrop prelude'.

key features of the romantic period

music is more expressive and emotive.

rich chromatic harmonies and lots of dissonance.

modulation between keys.

pieces of music are much longer.

instrumentation and dynamics

written for piano.

uses the middle and lower range of the piano.

this work is not virtuosic and the focus is on the legato tone.

there is a wide range of dynamics (pp-ff).

lots of crescendos and diminuendos so there are no sudden contrasts or changes in dynamics.



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