GCSE History (The end of communism)

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Failure of Detente 1970-1980

Detente-A period of relaxed tension between the superpowers during the cold war

  • Economic Problems, 1970 - Economic problems for the USA & allies peaked in 1970- high unemployment & high inflation caused a economic depression. USSR + USA thought arms race was too expensive & thought the money could be spent on better things
  • SALT, 1972 - Brezhnev and Nixon signed the SALT 1 treaty in 1972- Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty
  • Vietnam, 1972-The Americans withdraw from Vietnam in 1972
  • Space Handshake, 1975- American astronauts & soviet cosmonauts shake hands in space , July 1975.
  • Helsinki Conference, 1975 - All countries agree to recognised the borders set out after WW2…




This is really good! But you should just try to make it clear which ones are the Detente and which ones are the Detente deteriorating :) Other wise this helped me a lot!