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A group of 9 African-American students were enrolled in Little Rock Central High School in 1957 this lead to the Little Rock Crisis. The students were initially forbidden to enter the School by Orval Faubus. On thier first day of school The National Guard of Arkansas would not let them enter- this was followed by mobs coming in and threatening to lynch the children. One of the Little Rock Nine- Elizabeth Eckford- recalled: "They moved closer and closer ... Somebody started yelling ... I tried to see a friendly face somewhere in the crowd—someone who maybe could help. I looked into the face of an old woman and it seemed a kind face, but when I looked at her again, she spat on me"

President Eisenhower Called a meeting with Faubus to warn him against going against the court ruling allowing the students to enter the school. The general feel of the Whites in Little Rock was not undstanding or welcoming and So Woodrow Nelson Mann-The Mayor of Little Rock- asked Eisenhower to send federal troops so on 24th September the 101st Airborne Division of the US army were ordered to federalize the ENTIRE (10,000 man) Akansas National Guard- Faubus was no longer in control.

On Monday, September 23, '57 Litle Rock 9 were finally able to enter the school under escorted protection of The 101st





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