GCSE Geography- Effects of tourism on Zanzibar

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Effects of Tourism on Zanzibar

One of the positive economic effects of tourism on Zanzibar is that nearly $220 million a year come into the country because of tourism. Another one is that jobs are created for locals at the Hotels in Nungwi which means that the local unemployment rate has decreased.

An example of a positive social effect on Zanzibar because of tourism is the improvement of internet connection as there are many tourists who demand internet connection during their time in Zanzibar. The locals now also have the opportunity to enjoy internet cafes. Anew ferry terminal has also been built and this is used by 1,000 tourists as well as the locals on a daily basis. Therefore, that is another example of a positive social effect of tourism on Zanzibar.

Stone town was designated as a world heritage site which means it is given protection…


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