GCSE English Paper 2 Revision (5)

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Two Scavengers

  • What is it about?
  • the rich-poor divide
  • the difference in culture between rich and the poor
  • The cultures are juxtaposed in the poem, and it seems like they might mix and interact, but eventually they are still divided
  • shows us the simple contrast between different groups of people
  • explores the American belief that all men are created equal which is not actually true.
  • What do I need to know about the author?
  • From New York - great rich-poor divide
  • once arrested for petty theft - thieves can be seen as trying to bridge the gap between rich and poor because they try to exist in the world of the rich.
  • he is from a city - cities often contain a lot of different cultures.
  • What poetic features are noteworthy?
  • the garbagemen are described vibrantly - "bright yellow garbage truck" and "red plastic blazers". the descriptions are also simple, like the most of the rest of the poem.
  • "elegant open Mercedes" and "elegant couple" - the repeated adjective shows the lack of variation in their lives.
  • "in a…


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