GCSE English Paper 1 revision (9)

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  • A generalisation often makes an argument more forceful.
  • It is a statement that's presented confidently as fact but doesn't give details.
  • They often make an argument sound more forceful and convincing, when it's not actually all that accurate.
  • They can be misleading - they often conveniently ignore facts that don't support them.
  • Generalisations sometimes create unfair stereotypes - such as "foreign footballers are all cheats".
  • Examples of generalisations
  • Chips are bad for you - Although it's true that eating a lot of chip can be unhealthy, they are also ok now and again. 
  • Smokers trying to quit usually have more success if they use nicotine patches - This claim sounds convincing but there is no proof. These kind of generalisations are often used in adverts, to promote a…


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