GCSE English Paper 1 revision (5)

Personal Tone

  • Personal writing sounds like it is talking to you.
  • it is written in the first person - it uses "me", "I", and "my" etc.
  • The writing is all from the writer's viewpoint. It's as if the author was talking to you.
  • Because it is from the writer's viewpoint, it is often biased - it expresses the author's opinions rather than being neutral.
  • Personal writing often also expresses the author's emotions too - like fear, happiness, or optimism.
  • An informal style of writing can be used to create a personal tone.
  • Humor is sometimes used to emphasize the personal tone of voice.
  • When writing about personal writing, it is important to use the correct technical terms, and say what effect the personal style has. It is also…


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