GCSE English Literature Poetry (9)

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On my First Sonne

  • Description
  • Written in 1916.
  • Would have been common in that time for young children to die of illness.
  • In memory of the poet's first son.
  • Written like a funeral song - an elegy
  • The poet was a devout Christian.
  • Language
  • "Thou child of my right hand" - Jesus sat on the right hand side of God, religious context. Right hand was thought to be better at the time.
  • "My sinne was too much to hope of thee, lov'd boy" - Ben Jonson's only sin was to love his only child too much, making it unbearably hard to lose him.
  • "seven yeeres tho'wert lent to me" - his son was a gift from God, extended metaphor of the idea that God only gave him the son as a loan, he still rightfully belongs to God.
  • "Exacted by thy fate" - Ben Jonson…




Thanks! It's been very helpful, but perhaps could you mention some more poems to compare it with?

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