GCSE English Literature Poetry (8)

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  • Description
  • Dramatic monologue - first person
  • about a hitch-hiker who commits a murder very calmly.
  • A hitch-hiker picks up another hitch-hiker and murders him.
  • The murderer is a mentally disturbed character, and gives an insight into his mind.
  • Language
  • "the ansaphone kept screaming" - He can't associate with people, sociopathic tendencies.
  • "Fired" - could be a reason for why he killed the hitch-hiker, attempts to justify what is coming later in the poem.
  • "Colloquial language all the way through such as "on the top road out of Harrogate" and "I let him have it" - this gives the poem a chatty casual tone.
  • Casual tone contrasts with the brutality of the man's actions and thoughts. Also contrasts with the rhyme in "Fired. Hired".
  • "Once with the head and then six times with the krooklok" - gives impression of him describing attack emotionlessly and calmly - makes him seem more mentally disturbed.
  • "I picked him up in Leeds" - No names of people, he can't associate with them?
  • The hitch-hiker is a hippy - "following the sun from east to west" he is freespirited. This contrasts with the murderer who is tied down with a job, murderer may be jealous of hippy, takes it out…


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