GCSE English Literature Poetry (7)

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  • Description
  • Dramatic Monologue from the Robin's viewpoint.
  • Robin shows his jealousy and tells the reader secrets about Batman.
  • Aimed at people who have been overshadowed previously by a more dominant character.
  • Robin tries to break free from Batman and be seen as his own person.
  • It was Batman's decision to split up -> Robin feels ditched by him.
  • Language
  • The end of every line ends with an "er" sound, which makes the reader speed on to the next line -> revealing anger.
  • The "er" sound also gives the poem a humorous tone and makes it sound like the Batman theme tune - Robin appears to be mocking the theme tune, For example, "wander/yonder".
  • "Batman, big shot" - alliteration appears to be mocking and insulting to Batman.
  • puns such as "you, stewing


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