GCSE English Literature Poetry (10)

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Sonnet 130

  • Description
  • Romantic poem exposing the truth about love.
  • It is clear in meaning.
  • Anti-love poem with the message that you don't have to be perfect in love, and that love doesn't have to be exaggerated.
  • Language
  • Comparisons in every other line - first colour comparisons - "coral is far redder than her lips red" 
  • Repeating the word "red" emphasises the lack of colour in his wife's lips.
  • The colours help to create powerful imagery for the reader.
  • "why then her breasts are dun" - they are murky brown, she doesn't make an…




Surely you can also compare it with anne hathaway?

Em Peapod



Paul Dutton


A brief but useful guide to this sonnet.  Good for some quick revision.

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