GCSE English Literature Lord Of The Flies

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  • First Impressions - red hair -suggests anger
  •  black cap, cloak etc. - connotations of death
  • ugly - could suggest ugly character - "ugly without silliness"
  • military leader of choir - shows desire for power? barks orders - "Choir! Stand still!"
  • "staring out of his face were two blue eyes, ready to turn to anger" - evil image right from the start.
  • Main characteristics - arrogance - ("I ought to be leader")
  • desire for power 
  • violent and savage/bully - ("Use a littl'un"), 
  • obsessed with hunting and killing - ("If there is a beast, we'll kill it")
  • evil comes out quickly - like the obsession with hunting and violence - in chapter 2, Jack almost kills a pig - but can't quite bring himself too.
  • Development of character
  • becomes increasingly violent and savage - at first he can't kill the piglet "because of the enormity of the knife descending into living flesh" but he goes on to become a hunter ("ape-like")
  • compare chapter 1 with later description in forest.
  • degradation of language shows degradation of behaviour.
  • At first, he is keen to have rules ("Let's have lots of rules"), - so he can punish people?
  • Later on, he…


tinotenda hokonya


thanx 4 the helpful notes

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