GCSE Chemistry Unit 3 Revision (5)


Acids and Alkalis

  • Arrhenius siad acids release hydrogen ions in water.
  • He studied bases and acids in water, and his theory was that, when mixed with water, all acids release hydrogen ions (H+).
  • H+ ions are protons.
  • He also said that alkalis form OH- ions when in water, also known as hydroxide ions. (Not all bases dissolve in water, but the ones that do are called alkalis.)
  • This idea was a good one, but it only worked for acids and bases that dissolved in water.
  • However, ammonia gas can react as a base even when it isn't dissolved in water, which was one reason why these ideas weren't immediately accepted.
  • Also, in 1800s when Arrhenius first suggested that molecules ionise in water, many scientists didn't believe it was possible.
  • Charged subatomic particles had not been discovered yet, so the idea of charged ions was very…


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