GCSE Chemistry Unit 3 Revision (3)

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Group 1 Elements

  • These elements are called the alkali metals because their hydroxides dissolve in water to give an alkaline solution.
  • As you go down the group the alkali metals become: 
  • 1. bigger atoms because there's an extra full shell of electrons for each row you go down. 
  • 2. More reactive because the outer electron is more easily lost because it's further from the nucleus. 
  • 3. Higher density - because the atoms have more mass. 
  • 4. lower melting and boiling point.
  • The alkali metals are very reactive.
  • They are lithium, potassium, sodium, francium, caesium and rubidium. 
  • The alkali metals all have one outer electron.
  • The alkali metals all form 1+ ion.
  • The alkali metals always form ionic compounds because they are so keen to lose the…


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