GCSE Chemistry Unit 3 Revision (2)

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The Modern Periodic Table

  • When the periodic table was first released, many scientists didn't take it seriously.
  • At the time, there wasn't much evidence to suggest that the elements really did fit together in that way.
  • After Mendeleev released his ideas, newly discovered elements fitter into the gaps he left.
  • Once there was more evidence, scientists started to realize that the periodic table could be useful to predict properties of elements. 
  • In the late 19th century, scientists discovered protons, neutrons and electrons. The periodic table matches up to what has bee discovered about the structure of the atom.
  • The modern periodic table is based on electronic structures.
  • When electrons, protons and neutrons were discovered, the periodic table was arranged in order of atomic (proton) number. All elements were put into groups.
  • You can use the periodic table to work out the detailed arrangement of electrons in an atom of any element. Once you know the electron arrangement…




just what i was looking for ;D
bit short though... too bad you got such a low rating.. 

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