GCSE Biology Unit 2 (8)

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Minerals for Healthy Growth

  • Plants need mineral salts, as well as the carbohydrates they make by photosynthesis, in order to grow properly.
  • They get these minerals ions from the soil by absorbing them through their roots.
  • You need to know about 2 minerals in particular
  • 1) Nitrates - these are needed for making amino acids, which are then used to make proteins.
  • 2) Magnesium - this is needed to make chlorophyll, which in turn is needed for photosynthesis.
  • Other minerals included by plants include potassium and phosphates, which are used for things like making DNA and cell membranes, and helping the enzymes involved in photosynthesis and respiration to work properly.
  • Lack of These Nutrients causes deficiency symptoms
  • Sometimes plants can't get all of the mineral ions that they need to be healthy.
  • It…


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