GCSE Biology Unit 2 (19)

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The Kidneys and Homeostasis

  • Kidneys basically act as filters to 'clean the blood'
  • They perform 3 main roles:
  • 1) removal of urea from the blood.
  • 2) Adjustment of ions in the blood.
  • 3) Adjustment of water content of the blood.
  • 1) Removal of urea
  • Proteins can't be stored by the body - so any excess amino acids are converted into fats and carbohydrates, which can then be stored.
  • This process occurs in the liver. 
  • Urea is produced as a waster product from the reactions.
  • Urea is poisonous. It is released into the bloodstream by the liver.
  • The kidneys then filter it out of the blood and it's excreted from the body in urine.
  • 2) Adjustment of ion content
  • Ions such as sodium are taken into the body in food, and then…


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