GCSE AQA Geography B Coastal Environment

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Coastal Areas

Coastals areas provde economic, environmental and recreation opportunities.

An example of coastal development for GSCE is Dubai.

  • 11km ***** of hotel resorts and marinas
  • Dubailand- 24 theme parks and shopping centres
  • Golf courses and swimming pools
  • Private beaches
  • Ski Dome
  • International finance centre for the middle east


Constructive Waves- Long, low waves that spill onto the beaches and construct beaches. Normally, they have strong swash however, limited backwash.

Destructive Waves- Short, steep waves that plunge onto the beach with force and are capable of eroding cliffs. Normally, they have strong swash but even stronger backwash.

Swash- Is the movement of waves up a beach.

Backwash- Is the movement of waves down a beach.

Marine Erosion- Is the erosion of rocks by the action of the sea.

Hydraulic action- Is the sheer movement of waves breaking against the cliffs causing fragments of the cliff to break off.

Abrasion- Is when waves pick up sand and pebbles and as waves break these are hurled against the cliff face.

Attrition- Is when pebbles and sand are constantly colliding with eachother as they are moved by waves




This is good but not all the topic is covered

The Scientist


This is good for learning the terminology, but it does not cover the entire topic.

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