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components of fitness

cardio vascular endurance- the ability to pump oxygen around the heart for a long period of time.

flexibility-the range of movement around a joint

agility-the ability to change direction at a speed

co ordination- the ability to move two or more body parts at the same time in a controled manner

reaction time- the ability to respond to an external stimlus quickly

muscular endurance-the ability to use a muscle or a group of muscles for a long period of time

power- the combination of strent and speed

strenth- the ability to exert a maximum force

balance- the ability to maintain the center of mass over a fixed point

 the circulatory system

This is where the red blood cells pick up oxygen from the lungs as the red blood cells contain hemoglobin which turns to oxyhemaglobin when the oxygen is picked up. this then gets transported throught the LEFT side of the heart. Then it gets taken throughout the body and the oxygen gets used up in which ever muscles need it most, the deoxygenated blood then gose throught the RIGHT side of the heart and back to the lungs to pick up more oxygen.

*the circulatory system is a cycle, in an exam it doesnt matter which part of the cycle you start at as long as you explain the full cycle.





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