GCSE French vocabulary- Letter C

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changer- to change

charger- to load, to charge 

choisir- to choose

cliquer- to click 

coller- to stick 

commander- to order 

commencer- to begin

comprendre- to understand

compter- to count, intend

conduire- to drive

connaître- to know (be familiar with)

conseiller- to advise 

contacter- to contact

coûter- to cost

croire- to think, believe

cadet/cadette (m/f)- younger

cassé- broken

chaud- hot 

chouette- great

confortable- comfortable

content- pleased

court- short

clair- light

couleur (f)- colour

combien de?- How much, how man?

comment?- How?

ça dépend- it depends

ça m’est égal- I don’t mind

ça ne fait rien- it doesn’t matter

ça s’écrit comment?- How do you spell that?

ça va- I’m fine

ça/ cela- that

chose (f)- thing

comme- as, like

chiffre- figure

corse- Corsican


CES- secondary school

CV- curriculum vitae

chez- at (someone’s house)

contre- against

combiné (m)- receiver (telephone)

composer le numéro- dial the number 

café- café

camion (m)- lorry

car (m)- coach

campagne (f)- country

camping (m)- campsite

carnet (m)- book (of tickets)

carrefour (m)- crossroads

carte d’identité (f)- identity card

carte postale (f)- postcard

carte routière (f)- road map

cathédrale (f)- cathedral

centre commercial (m)- shopping centre

centre sportif- sports centre

centre de loisirs- leisure centre

centre-ville (m)- town centre

chaleur (f)- heat

chambre (f)- room

château (m)- castle

chauffeur (de taxi) (m)- (taxi) driver

chemin de fer (m)- railway

ciel (m)- sky

cinéma (m)- cinema

circulation (f)- traffic

clef/clé (f)- key

climat (m)- climate

coin (m)- corner

colline (f)- hill



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