Gaseous Exchange in Insects

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Basics of insects 

  • Evolved mechanisms to conserve water 
  • Evolved internal network of tubes - tracheae into tracheoles
  • Increased surface area needed for gas exchange conflicts with water conservation as the water gets evaporatedNetwork of tub


  • Spiracles ~ where gas enters and leaves, on the abdomen, they can be opened or closed by a valve, when opened the insect will lose water via evaporation 
  • Tracheae ~ ringed to support the structure to prevent collapse, divide into tracheoles 
  • Tracheoles ~ dead - end tubes, extend throughout the body tissue of insect
  • Air is brought directly to the respiring body tissues
  • Short diffusion pathway from tracheole to body cell

Movement of respiratory gases 

3 methods...

1. Along a diffusion gradient

  • During respiration oxygen is used


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