Garibaldi's taking of the South

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  • Garibaldi had heard about the handing over of his birthplace (Nice) to France and became angered at it
  • he organised a group known as 'The Thousand' (because there were roughly 1000 members)
  • in April 1860, news emerged that there was a rebellion in Sicily
  • many of his followers were Sicilians and two of his most trusted  persuaded him to sail south
  • these men were Francesco Crispi and Rosalino Pilo
  • April 12th that year, Pilo sailed ahead telling the rebellion that help was on its way
  • some problems now bgan to face Cavour;
    - if Cavour publically opposed Garibaldi then it would make his government unpopular also offending the National Society
    - there were upcoming elections for Cavour and he…


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