Garg et al: Division A

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Garg et al (2007)

Division A



Observed the food choices of 38 ppts watching either a upbeat (sweet home alabama) or sad (Love Story) movie. Ptts were offered buttered popcorn and grapes throughout the film. Ppts were told they were going to be reviewing the film over a two day period. On the first day one group watching the upbeat film whilst the others watched the sad film and on the second day this was reversed. Reserchers measured how happy and sad ppts felt during the movies.


Ppts watching the sad film consumed 36% more popcorn than those watching the upbeat film. Plus ppts watching the upbeat movie consumed far more grapes than those watching the sad movie. Ppts reported feeling sad during 'Love Story' and happy during 'Sweet Home Alabama' as expected.

However when ppts were presented with nutritional information


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