Gardner and Gardner Methodology

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The method was a case study, and therefore offered rich, in-depth data, as Washoe was studied intensively. In this research, extensive date was collected on Washoe's acquisition of words, using ASL and information on how she acquired those words. For example through differentiating, transfer and by combining signs. This is a strength as data was collected that may have been overlooked if a different method was used.

The research also has good inter-observer reliability, as the Gardners were aware of clear criteria that needed to be established in order to verify Washoe's acquisition of vocabulary. In order to do this, three observers had to report seeing Washoe sign spontaneously and appropriately. This was a strength as it showed agreement in observation. All three observers had to observe the signs being used at least once a day for 15 consecutive days and report their findings before it could be accepted as learnt.

A further strength is that a chimpanzee is an appropriate choice for studying animals, as…


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