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Gametogenesis is the production of gametes in the gonads where Spermatogenesis is the formation of sperm in the testis and Oogenesis is the formation of eggs or ova in the ovary.

Spermatogenesis occurs in the GERMINAL EPITHELIUM of the SEMINFEROUS TUBULES:

  • Diploid SPERMATOGONIA divide many times by MITOSIS to produce PRIMARY SPERMATOCYTES.
  • These then undergo MEIOSIS and after the first MEIOTIC DIVISION form HAPLOID SECONDARY SPERMATOCYTES.
  • After the second meiotic division they form SPERMATIDS which mature and differentiate into SPERMATOZOA.
  • Spermatozoa are then nourished by the SERTOLI CELLS in the SEMINIFEROUS TUBULES. Here they are also protected from the male's immune system. 
  • The INTERSTITIAL CELLS secrete the male sex hormone, TESTOSTERONE. 


Oogenesis occurs in the OVARIES and involves:

  • Oogonia, which are formed before birth undergo MITOSIS to form PRIMARY OOCYTES. About two million


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