G672 - Outline and evaluate the view that roles of men and women are changing.

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One of the key social changes of this century has been the changes in the roles of men and women. Women, particularly married women, have taken a much greater role in paid emploment and increasingly challenged their 'traditional' role in society. This has been reflected by the growth in feminism. 

One way the roles of men and women are changing is through paid employment. There is very little difference between employment rates and rates of pay for women and men without children, but this alters dramatically as soon as they start a family. The arrival of children makes very little difference to men's careers', but it makes a significant difference to the rates of employment and pay for women. In 1941, only 15% of the work force was female; by 2010 this figure was 50%. However, only 40% of women work part time, and there are significant differences between paid employment rates for women with children and those without. And only 5% of women with children under 2 work at all. 

Conjugal roles is another area where the roles of men and women are changing. The relationship between husband


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