Fuundamentals and terminology of fixed prosthodontics (bridges)

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Fundamentals and terminology of fixed prosthodontics (bridges)

What is prosthodontics?

  • the branch of dentistry concerned with the replacement of missing teeth
  • this can be achieved by prostheses (false teeth) which are either removable (dentures) or fixed (bridges)

Definition of a bridge

  • a dental restoration (fixed prostheses) which replaces missing teeth which normally cannot be removed by the patient (as opposed to a denture which can be removed)
  • bridges normally only replace teeth unlike removable dentures which replace teeth and gum

What are bridges made of?

  • usually precious metals covered with ceramic (terms such as metal-ceramic, porcelain fused to mental and porcelain bonded to metal are used)
  • maybe all gold (soft metal which is metal and slightly malleable) or all ceramic…


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