Future Climate Change, Predictions and Impacts

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Global Climate Change - Regional Impacts

Frequently talked about - change averages out regional variations = overall trend for a large area and figures are very rounded

In Med (2070-2100) -

  • Climate is expected to generally become warmer all yr round with temperatures more seasonal (larger variations between winter and summer) 
  • Climate also becomes drier all yr round but precip becomes more seasonal (increased differences between summer and winter)
  • Much less surface run off showing increased aridity therefore many more rivers will become ephemeral
  • Water availability will be a pressing issue in the future - 100yr droughts returning every 50yrs with less surface run off in the north and south of Europe
  • More frequent floods occurring due to extreme and intense rainfall events
  • More extreme climates seen - very hot summers and very mild winters
  • Also impacts of L/T change e.g. sea level change…


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