domain - eukarya 

yeasts, moulds, mushrooms and toadstools

fungal structures:



hyphal growth = tube containing cytoplasm surrounding cell wall

aseptate = more than 1 nuclei in one super cell

apical growth = elongate their tips 

the hyphae branch to form mycelium 

mycelium is found in 2 forms:

aerial = involved in reproduction

vegetative = pentrates food sources

fruiting bodies = mushrooms and toadstools 

unicellular forms = yeasts 

replicate by binary fission and budding 

can be dimorphic - show hyphal growth and unicellular 


eukaryotes so have organelles 

cell walls made of chitin instead of cellulose

ergosterol instead of cholesterol in the cell membranes 

fungi produce spores for survival and dispersal and reproduction:

spores can be sexual or a…


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