Funding of Political Parties and Established political parties


Funding of Parties 

  • All parties recieve a £2million ggrant from electoral comission, fair 
  • However major parties recieve a lot more in terms of private funidng,Labour getting £11 million from Trade Unions  2014-2015
  • Funding of parties regulated by 2000 political parties, referendums and elections act, fair 
  • However dosent change fact that smaller parties priced out by larger ones Conservatives getting 41.9 million pounds whereas Lib Dems only got 7.9 million pounds 
  • Donations over £7,500 have to be placed on an electoral register, makes it more transparent
  • However dosent stop donors from getting influence, cash for honours scandal under Blairs labour
  • People not on the electoral role cannot donate to


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