Functions of Political Parties

  • Making policy, also known as aggregation - the development of policies and political programmes becomes especially important when a party is in opposition and seeking to replace the government of the day. The policy making function of the ruling party is the same as the policy making function of the government. In opposition, the leadership of a party is not in such a pre-eminent policy making position. This is when the general membership of the party can have most input into policy making. This is when a party can have its most representative function and so represent the national interest better.
  • Selecting candidates - parties spend a great deal of their time and effort selecting candidates for office at all levels. This is mostly done at local and regional level though party committees and party leaderships do have some say in which candidates should be chosen.
  • Identifying leaders - parties need leaders and in the case of the main parties, this means potential government ministers. They therefore have procedures for identifying political leaders. For the ruling party, the prime minister completely controls the appointment of ministers with his patronage powers. In opposition parties, the leader will choose a smaller group of front…


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