Frieberg, Germany - Urban Sustainability

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Freiburg, Germany

Background Information

Freiburg is located in South West Germany with a population of about 220,000 people. In 1970 it set the goal of focusing on social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Social Sustainability


·      There is a focus on providing people with affordable housing.

·      Local people are involved in urban planning at both local and city level.

·      Sites for building are considered by the local council and interest groups.

·      Cycle and walking paths aim to encourage exercise and healthy living.

Economic Sustainability

·      Many jobs have been created in the research and manufacture of solar technology.

·      More than 10,000 people are employed in 1500 environmental businesses in the city.

·      The city is a popular place for people to attend conferences on sustainability. This provides jobs for the local people.

Environmental Sustainability

·      Financial rewards are given to people who compost


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