Friar Bonaventura and Putana Character Profiles

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Friar Bonaventura

Ford's Friar has clearly been influenced by Shakespeare's Friar Lawrence from Romeo and Juliet. Similarly they are both confidants to the male protagonist, offer philosophical guidence, arranges a wedding and fail to save the lovers from tragedy; taking flight to avoid a disaster for themselves. By calling him Friar Bonaventura Ford establishes the Catholic religion, the links to the Franciscan Order and to one of the most famous teachers in the order; Bonaventura. By doing this Ford has created a layer of suscipion between the audience and the character, due to the protestant versus catholic tension of the time. Friars were accused by many protestants of being unvirtuoues and corrupt. In comparision, The Friar seems to be virtuous. He can not be blamed for pursing his own interests (unlike Friar Lawrence) and he certainly does not agree…


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