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  • provide insight to Freud's theories on infant sexuality and resolving the oedipus complex
  • how phobias are the result of unconscious activity


  • Longitudinal Case Study


  • Little Hans (aged 3 at start of study) 
  • Herr and Frau Graf (parents)


  • Age 3 developed obsession with Widdler - suffered panic attack - scared white horses would bite him
  • Father wrote to Freud explaining fear/obsession - H wanted mum to dry/talcom widdler, daydreamed about bathing own children
  • Freud: oedipus complex, trying to seduce mother 'masturbatory indulgence' - should discourage from touching widdler/avoid sharing bed
  • Mom threatened to cut off -> panic attacks
  • White horse story 'dont put your fingers to the white horse or it'll bite you' - H linked to Widdler - didn't cure
  • Daydream: 2 giraffes - crumped/tall - H sat on crumpled, big called out but H ignored
  • Freud: tall=dad, crumpled=mother -> sexual desire for mother
  • Scared of big horses pulling carts
  • Freud: horse=father, (blinkers=glasses, facial hair=moustache)
  • Scared of horses falling down, had seen horse fall and die? 
  • Freud: wanted father dead? severe oedipus complex
  • Daydream: in bath with plumber, unscrews widdler and places big borer in stomach
  • Freud: mother is pregnant, H is aware - jealous?
  • Hannah is born when H is 4, attacks increase - scared of bed/bath time - scared of falling in - wished Hannah was dropped - (leading questions used)
  • Freud: still oedipus - jealous, if sister could be dropped so could he -> no baths - baths linked horses and pregnancy
  • H showed signs of regression - poo obsession (anal stage)
  • Freud: related to child birth
  • Imaginary friend - Lodi - sausage…


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