French - Module 4

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Introductory Phrases

Pour commencer - To begin with

D'abord - At first

Premièrement - Firstly

Au Début - To start/begin with

Phrases Using 'Que' - 'That'

Il est certain que - It is certain that

Il est évident que - it is obvious that

Il est essential que - It is essential that

Il est vrai/faux que - It is true/false that

Il faut noter que - You must note that

Il faut dire que - It has to be said that

Il faut considérer que - You must consider that

N'oublions pas que - Don't forget that

Ceci prouve bien que - This proves that

 Je peux vous assurer que - I can assure you that

Je suis convaincu(e) que - I am convinced that

Je regrette vivement que - I deeply regret that

Je préconise que - i recommand that

Je suis certain que - I am certain that

J'ai l'impression que - i think that

Je pense que - I think that

Je crois que - I think that

The Phrases Using 'De' - 'To/ Of' are Usally Followed by the Infinitive

J'ai l'intention de - I intend to

Il s'agit de- It is a question/matter of

Il est impossible de - It is impossible to

Serait-il impossible de  ? - Would it be impossible to   ?

Il est nécessaire de - It is necessary to

Il est important de - It is important to

a cause de - because of



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