Free Will & Determinism

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Isaac Newton - everything subject to natural laws - cause and effect

results have been preceded by  particular events

seed - grows (necessary conditions)

are we subject to the same natural laws?

to many we are different than animals because we possess a ssoul but they do not and follow pre programmed reponses


materialist - denying we are any different than the rest of nature

simple physical being - no spiritual or mental aspects beyond the physical workings of the brain

thus we are under the same laws of nature as animals

all our actions are the results of unexplainable causes

even tho we are not aware what they r

"The sense of deliberation is an illusion - men think themselves free because they are concious of their actions but ignorant of the causes of them" - Spinoza

spin - no free will whatsoever. wishful thinking. 

d'Holbach - fly gun carriage

  • all action stands at the end of a complex network of events
  • sociological, psychological, politcal cultural influences
  • these determine our actions
  • strict, unchangable natural laws
  • not free -c ant be held responsible
  • machines
  • free choice - illusion
  • conditioning - behaviouralism?



"desire to kill, thrill, perfect crime"



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