Frankenstein - Plot Overview

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Plot Overview

·         Walton describes Victor's life in a series of letters to his sister, Margaret, after Victor finds Walton and warns him about the monster

·         Victor begins by describing his early childhood in Geneva where he was fascinated by science and alchemy. Most of his childhood was spent with his adopted sister Elizabeth Lavenza and his friend Henry Clerval

·         Victor studies at the University of Ingolstadt where he is consumed by the desire to discover the secret of life

·         He creates a monster out of body parts from dead people and uses a spark of electricity to induce life into the monster

·         After fitfully sleeping, Victor wanders the streets in remorse, disgusted with what he has created, and runs into Henry. When they get back to his apartment, the monster is gone; Victor falls ill

·         Shortly before returning to Geneva, his father informs him that his brother William has been murdered. Whilst travelling through the woods where William was killed, Victor sees the monster and is convinced that he is guilty

·         Upon returning to Geneva, Victor finds that Justine Moritz, an adopted girl of the Frankenstein household, has been charged with the murder and is eventually executed

·         Victor realises he is responsible for the monster that has killed two of his innocent loved ones and feels guilty

·         The monster


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