frankenstein notes

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Gothic and religion

  • "wondrous power that attracts the needle"
  • "surrounded by ice" "vast irregular plains of ice" "shut in... by ice"
  • "the fall of a leaf startled me, and i shunned my fellow creatures as if i had been guilty of a crime"
  • "i considered the being which i had cast upon mankind... nearly in the light of my own vampire, my own spirit let loose from the grave"
  • "i desire the company of a man who can sympathise with me" (traditionaly gothic novels have multiple narrators"
  • "the raising of ghosts or devils..."
  • "have aquired new and unlimited powers... can command the thunders of heaven... even mock the invisible world" this is an omen from Waldon, F's teacher at uni, an omen is a gothic thing. Also notice the mimilarities with 'walton' and 'waldon'.
  • "my eyeballs were starting from their sockets... often did my human nature turn with loathing"
  • "daemon"
  • omen again: "one by one her brothers and sisters died; and her mother... she began to think


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