frankenstein notes

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doppelganger-the creature is equal and opposite to frankenstein

  • "my fellow creatures"-frank calls himself a creature
  • "miserable wretch"-both
  • "i considered the being that i had cast upon the own vampire, my own spirit let loose from the grave"
  • "i ought to be thy adam, but rather i am the fallen angel"-shelley calls both F and creature adam
  • "i desire the company of a man who can sympathise with me"WALTON
  • both linked to demons/underworld:"obliged to cross the lake in a boat" "daemon"
  • "the pleasant sunshine restored me to some degree of tranquility" -the creature says this but aplies to frank
  • "i waited till the moon had sunk to begin my operations"creature-like frank
  • both decend into monstrosity creature:"nature decayed around me and the sun grew heatless" frank:"the fall of a leaf startled me and i shunned my fellow creatures as if i was guilty of a crime"
  • "could the daemon who had... murdered my brother also in his hellish sport betrayed the innocent to death...?" lexis. is Frank refering to creature or his own shaddow self?
  • creature has been taught humility through a lifetime of hardship and toil- oposite of frank
  • "where were my friends and relations?" creature opposite to frank, no…


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