Frankenstein- Gothic Settings


Gothic Settings


  • Lots of DARK settings: Monster created "on a dreary night of November...", pathetic fallacy sets the scene for the start of chapter 5, foreshadows further darkness within the novel.

"Black and comfortless sky" - pathetic fallacy used to make clear that what Frankenstein has done is wrong.

"I sat one evening in my laboratory; the sun had set, and the moon was just rising from the sea" - This creates a parallel construction to that of chapter 5 with the dark setting of when the monster was originally created. It also creates the impression that if the setting is worse than a "dreary night of November", then the new creation might be even more evil.

"I saw by the light of the moon, the daemon at the casement" - The moon is associated with the monster being evil - therefore darkness is evil.

  • Extreme landscapes and weather: The start of the novel is the North Pole; a strange unknown area that is a place God could potentially be.

The remote setting of the North Pole creates


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