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Frankenstein revision:

  • Walton- "assure my sister of my welfare", "cold northern breeze", "icy climes", "you have regarded with such evil forbording", "inspirited by this wind of promise", "my daydreams become more... vivid", "sun is forever visible", "perpetual splender", "snow and frost", "calm sea", "wonders and beauty", "heavenly bodies", "tracks the needle","this voyage"- symbolism of the Compass. "tread a land never before imprinted by the foot of man", "fear of danger or death", "asataning the secret", "steady purpose", "read with ardour", "various voyages", purposes of discovery", "good old Thomas' library", "my education was neglected"- unreliable.
  • "Paradise of my own creation", "fortune of my cousin"- echoes Victor, "dedicated myself to this great enterprise",  "injuring my body to hardship" "voluntarily endured cold, famine, thurst and want of sleep", "do I not deserve to accomplish some great purpose", "i prefer glory", "courage and resolution is firm", "hopes fluctuate and my spirits are often depressed", "cold is not excessive, if you are wrapped in furs", "no ambition to lose my life", "Heaven shower down blessings on you", "love and kindness", "your affectionate brother".
  • Letter 2- "encompassed as I am by frost and snow", "enthusiasm of success", "I have no friend", "commit myself to paper", "but that is a poor medium for the communication of feeling"- Echoes Victor and Elizabeth's relationship.
  • "I desire the company of a man", Now I am twenty-eight, and am in reality more illuterate than many schoolboys of fifteen", "no friend", Lieutenant- "generous friend", "loved a Russian lady", "wholly uneducated", "silent as a turk"- not on the…


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